Women make many mistakes when it comes to buying lingerie. Even though women love it when they get to have a closet full of lingerie belonging to all kinds of materials that are available in the market, they tend to make some mistakes while buying the right kind of bra and panties for them.

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Mistakes to Avoid 

Here are some of the mistakes that women normally make while purchasing lingerie for their dear ones.

  • Finding the Wrong Size Bra 

Women have a habit of buying everything on a whim. They plan to buy everything that they see and like, even though it is not a necessary product. The same goes for buying lingerie too. The design of the bra will make them compromise with the size, because of some issues of non-availability in any particular store. This ends with making them feel uncomfortable every time they wear the bra.

  • Buying without Trying 

Some women do not like it when they have to get naked and try on lingerie in any store. Hence, they do not feel like trying everything that they have finalized in their cart, before buying. They do not understand the fact that there is no such thing as a universal size and the dimension measurement of the product depends on the brand name.

Failing to try the lingerie on will even result in making their skin feel agitated or even irritated every time they wear that particular lingerie.

  • Going with the Wrong Fabric Product 

Cotton cheeky panties are always considered as the boring ones when they are compared with the sexy sheer thong of black color. No matter what your preference is, you should never compromise with the design over the usage. If your skin is not compatible with the sheer thong, then you should not go with the idea of purchasing it just because it looks sexy.

  • Be Practical 

Many lacy and sexy pieces of lingerie will be designed in such a way that it is quite complicated to wear. Some women buy such complicated lingerie on an impulse just because the same set of lingerie looked very good on the mannequin. Be practical before buying lingerie.

  • Failing to Check the Washing Instructions 

The costliest piece of lingerie can be ruined within minutes if you do not pay extra attention to the wash care of that particular product. Women do not check the special care that is required in washing any particular innerwear set and end up wasting hundreds of dollars on the piece of lingerie that they couldn’t maintain with proper wash care.

Women make many such mistakes while buying a lingerie set or separate pieces. Instead of spending now and repenting later, it is suggested to make the right choice.

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