The decision to learn driving is one the exciting decisions we take during our late teens. Knowing to drive isn’t just about interest. By now it’s a necessity. It is like the key to independence. You don’t have to rely on anyone for rides anymore. We know that every teacher has different teaching styles. You need to find an instructor what works for you.

Choosing the right driving instructor is an important part of learning to drive. LTrent Driving School has a network of over 100 instructors working with them. Their comprehensive driver training program is focused on producing the best drivers. When you meet up with your potential instructor it is important to ask a few questions.

Why is it important to ask questions?

Asking questions isn’t only about assessing the instructor’s expertise. Learning without questioning isn’t exactly a smart way to learn.  You need to ask whatever question comes up in your mind during the training period. That way you’d remember things better. A good instructor will always be happy to help with your queries.

Questions to ask before choosing the instructor:

How long have you been into teaching driving?

Though experience isn’t a clear indicator that an experienced instructor is better than someone new, it also implies they are doing it right. An instructor is likely to continue with his job for long only if there is a continuous stream of students approaching the driving school. New instructors on the other hand have a fresh approach. It comes down to your preference.

What is your pass rate?

No! You won’t come across as nosy. There’s no way you’ll find someone with a 100% pass rate. In fact, 4 out of 10 students pass after more than 1 attempt which isn’t bad either. You need an instructor who is aware of their pass rates and is proud about it. Someone with a decent pass rate works fine.

Why should I go for you when there are others offering cheaper services?

The instructor should be confident enough about their skills and present a satisfactory reply. It is perfectly ok to go with someone who isn’t interested in haggling with prices. Most of the times, you get what you pay for.

Are you aware about the test routes?

Your practical test will be conducted in your area. An instructor who has experience in teaching in those routes will give you tips that’ll help you crack your driving test. An experience in driving through the same route will make it easier for you on the test date.

Questions to ask before your test date:

  • Is there room for improvements? Take his answer as constructive criticism and work on it. Every piece of such information will prove valuable.
  • What are my strong points? Knowing the aspects where you perform well will boost your confidence. A confident driver drives better.
  • Will there be a mock test? Taking a test is different than taking your regular driving classes. You don’t have anyone beside you uttering driving instructions. A mock test will shed light on how well you are prepared.

Try not to cancel any of your driving sessions else you may have a hard time catching up. Keep the instructor’s instructions in mind, do lots of practice and you are good to go.

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