If you have purchased a used car before, you very well know that certain features of the car are not how they looked like while buying. The thing is, there are many minor issues which are not noticed earlier. In fact, some are intermittent issues, and you only notice them when you drive the car on a regular basis.

Besides, all these issues would not have been there if you just inspected the car properly, or purchased it from a trustworthy certified pre-owned dealer like http://www.motorcloud.com. However, in order to help you buy a better second hand car next time, here we have some tips for you.

How to inspect a used car?

  1. Thoroughly check the exterior and interior of the car

While inspecting the exterior of the car, make sure to look for scratches and dents. Even check if there are any signs of rusting as cars located in humid areas might have this issue. If you find small scratches and dings on the body, there is nothing to be concerned about. However, if you see a larger area damaged, it means, the car was in a major accident. Also, uneven body panels are a sign of an accident.

Next, try to operate the hood, doors and trunk. If they are all moving smoothly, it means the car was well-maintained. You also want to check for any overspray on the inside of the doors, trunk and hood. if you find a mismatch paint, understand that the area was damaged and repainted.

For inspecting the interior, look for unusual damages. It is also a good idea to check the carpet, and look under the mat to find any signs of damage.

  1. Take test Drive

Taking a test drive will help you understand if the car is a good fit for you or not. Besides, once you are behind the wheel, you will get a clear idea of the car’s condition. Try to listen to any odd sounds when you turn on the engine. Also, listen to abnormal breaks and engine sounds. Finally, check the dashboard lights and see if there are any warning lights on.

Once everything is good, start driving the car on varying speed. If possible, take different types of roads as well. Notice how smoothly you were able to change the gears and operate the brakes.

  1. Get the vehicle inspected by your mechanic

After the test drive, if you are convinced with the idea of buying the car, one last thing to do is get it inspected at a trusted auto service station. An auto mechanic will be able to spot the hidden issues like a fluid leakage, which you might skip while taking a test drive.  Besides, if your mechanic recommends that there are some fixable issues with the car, you can use that info to negotiate the price.

Usually, the owner will grant you permission of doing so, but if they don’t, it’s a sign that there is definitely something shady about the vehicle.

To conclude it can be said that buying from a certified pre-owned car dealer is always a good idea. After all, they inspect every vehicle thoroughly, and make necessary repairs before selling.

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